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The Maternity Nurse Magazine
Concierge Childcare Recruitment

Discover the finest Maternity Nurse and Nanny recruitment agency in London and beyond.

At our concierge recruitment desk, our experts bring decades of experience in private household childcare and recruitment. We've catered to celebrities in film and music, politicians, ambassadors, royalty, entrepreneurs, bankers, IT experts, and families just like yours. Many of us are parents, too, so we understand exceptional childcare needs from both sides.

No one knows the private household childcare industry better than we do.


With top-tier childcare qualifications from the UK, we’ve been supporting clients with private household staffing recruitment for decades.

Our Team.

Our dedicated Concierge desk team is committed to ensuring a seamless registration process, whether you are a client seeking exceptional childcare or a candidate in pursuit of your next professional opportunity.

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