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Positions Wanted

Welcome to our Positions Wanted page for families seeking -


 Maternity Nurses - Night Nannies - Day Maternity Nurses - 24 Hour Live-in Maternity Nurses - Rota Maternity Nurses - Rota Nannies - Travel Maternity Nurses - Maternity Nanny - Infant Care Specialist - Doulas - Temporary Nanny - Holiday Nanny - Governess and Permanent Nannies. 


Contact the specialist directly for help with your childcare requirements.

Place An Advert 

If you are a UK citizen and  live in the United Kingdom -

Submit your Position Wanted on this form.

Compose a 300 characters maximum introduction. Anything over 300 characters will be automatically declined

Don't forget to include contact details so potential clients can contact you directly. Check your spelling before sending

There is a one off £5 fee for a six month listing paid via invoice.

All listings are live within 48 hours upon receipt of payment. 

For more information or for a larger advert contact 

Each week a professional will be promoted on the magazines social media. 

Thanks for submitting!

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